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armory, arsenal, assembly line, assembly plant, atomic energy plant, bindery, boatyard, boilery, bookbindery, brewery, brickyard, cannery, clarifier, colander, cradle, creamery, cribble, dairy, defense plant, distillery, dockyard, factory, factory belt, factory district, feeder plant, filter, flour mill, industrial park, industrial zone, lixiviator, main plant, manufactory, manufacturing plant, manufacturing quarter, mill, mint, munitions plant, oil refinery, packing house, percolator, plant, pottery, power plant, production line, purifier, push-button plant, refiner, riddle, rocker, sawmill, screen, shipyard, sieve, sifter, strainer, subassembly plant, sugar refinery, tannery, winery, winnow, winnowing basket, winnowing fan, winnowing machine, yard, yards

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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